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What is the Big Year?

The Big Year is an informal MTB event in the sense that there is no start or finish line with grand displays of banners and flags. The event that takes place all over SA and consists of carefully selected mountain bike trails in each province. The aim for riders is to see how many of these trails they can ride in ONE year. You decided when you would like to start and how fast or slow you want to go. It is a one of a kind event suited for everyone.

Every year we will ‘publish’ the NEW list of MTB trails as part of the Big Year – so every year, the Big Year will get Bigger (and still be different)!

The BIG MTB YEAR, the biggest MTB event of the year brought to you by EcoBound for Anyone, at Anytime and Anywhere.

How does it work?

  • The aim, to see how many top selected trails you can ride in a single year.
  • The awesomeness, you can do it anytime at your leisure.
  • No crowds, no panicky starts, just do it when you want and at your own pace.
  • Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere.
  • Race against yourself, your equally obsessed MTB friends or take it on as a challenge.
  • Whatever turns your wheels.

To participate, download The Big Year App for your Apple or Android device and subscribe. The app has all the details of the selected trails in each province and a general overview of the route. Get yourself to a trail and check-in. Stupid easy. Ride the trail, take a photo with your device and submit, now rate the trail you have just conquered. All of these steps will earn you points and contribute to your overall rankings.

The App will also have mini scoreboards. If you link the app through facebook – it will show you a mini scoreboard listing all your friends
The best part, this is an event that anyone from your protein induced pro to the leisurely weekend rider can win, just get to the trails!
Now all you have to do is revel in the afterglow of an awesome ride and start planning your next mission, just to make sure your buddies don’t outrank you of course.

Let the games begin!

Warning, this can become highly addictive.

How to enter

You must have a smartphone device (for Apple or Android), a mountain bike, a sense of adventure, love riding your MTB, and love seeing different parts of South Africa!

  • Step 1: Download the Big MTB Year Mobile App onto your Apple or Android device
  • Step 2: Create your Profile and complete the registration process.
  • Step 3: View the trails that are part of the Big Year selected trails. This will also be available on the Big MTB Year website:
  • Step 4: Go ride a trail and start earning points!!

Purchasing the App does NOT include the admission cost to the selected Big Year MTB trails.

Remember to always ride with your phone!

Mountain Biking at Misty Mountain

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