Dolphin Trail Guests 12 Sept 2015

17 September 2015
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We had a lovely time with the Weinand and co Dolphin trail group or "The Dolphin 12" as they called themselves

A very cheery group of 12 who hiked the Dolphin trail on the 12 Sept. After a long day of hiking they were welcomed by the Misty staff and Thembeka in her traditional outfit and enjoyed a filling meal together in our Khoisan lounge. The night was spent having drinks and snack platters in front of a roaring fire while chatting about their school years which is when all 6 men met.

We enjoyed the time spent with this lovely group of people, and look forward to their return visit to Misty

They left us with the following comment":

"What a wonderful warm welcome, from Tersia, Thembeka and Janine. Then such a friendly vibe at breakfast, thank you to all the staff for delicious food and such a warm reception. Thanks Jermina for the cappuccino".

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